My Account

What is my account?

Dealer shall become a member without any direct or indirect payments.

What are the essential details for dealers to open the account with www.wholesell.in?

Dealer shall become a member without any direct or indirect payments.

Order placement

How does dealer place the orders?

www.wholesell.in will allow the dealer to book their goods by using their independent user name and password.

Retailer / Dealer / Buyer payment terms

How shall I make the payment for the goods?

Dealers shall make the payment against their purchase orders raised by them self in advance.

What is the mode of payment?

www.wholesell.in will accept the payments only by the mode of IMPS / NEFT / RTGS. Did www.wholesell.in accept the cheque payment? Dealers shall deposit the cheque with the bankers which nominated are nominated by www.wholesell.in which reflect in the same purchase order form. Cheque payments are subject to realization. Cheque payment purchase orders will be dispatched on realization of the cheque only.

Cancellation of the order

How does dealer cancel the order?

Dealers shall cancel the order without any charges only if an purchase order get revoke within 30 minutes from the time of booking. Purchase orders which cancelled after the first 30 minutes from the time of confirmation will be charged.

Sell with www.wholesell.in

How to sell with www.wholesell.in?

Manufacturers need to become a member of www.wholesell.in to sell their products. Manufacturers only shall join as member with www.wholesell.in. Manufacturers shall collect the day to day orders through their independent e com platform which provided with a unique user name and password. Manufacturer shall pack the day to day order quantity booked by the dealers and deliver to the C&F warehouse which nominated by www.wholesell.in.

Manufacturers / Suppliers payment terms

How do a manufacturer / supplier shall collect their payments for their supply?

Manufacturer / Supplier shall collect the payment against their order. Each purchase order will be followed with the unique identity number. www.wholesell.in in charge will confirm the inventory through the e com software. On confirmation on the each inventory along with the taxable invoices the payment will be processed through IMPS / NEFFT / RTGS mode. www.wholesell.in assures to remit the payment maximum within 48 hours from the goods inventory time.

Delay / Breakdown of supply

What are the responsible for the manufacturer on the supply delay or supply breakdown?

Manufacturers will be sole responsible for the reason such as supply delay or supply break down etc… which damage the www.wholesell.in reputation. www.wholesell.in shall have the rights to withdraw the business relationship when a manufacturer or supplier show the way which damage its reputation.


How does www.wholesell.in ship the goods?

www.wholesell.in always lifts the goods through recognized transporters.